Style Tips

Style Tips For Short Girls!



The best things come in small packages and secondly welcome to the short girls club! I was self conscious about my height for years but now I’ve fully embraced it and learnt a few simple tricks to flatter my body shape and my height that will maybe help you too.  I’m the smallest in my group and I’m just 5ft.2 and lets be real my days of growing are well and truly over! I’ve learnt over the years what works and what doesn’t… trial and error. I dislike wearing flats, and it’s not realistic to wear heels all the time unless like VB you are chauffeured from door to door for work and events. So I try to opt for flats that will make me appear taller and elongate my legs.  It may be a runner or flatform with a two inch wedge or even just a pointy flat so my legs look longer. I usually buy chunky wedge shoes because it’ll naturally create the illusion my legs are slimmer than they actually are and give me height all at once. Below are some of the do’s and don’ts of to dressing for a petite figure. Whether your small and Pear, Apple, Strawberry or Banana shaped hopefully the tips below will help you dress better for your size and give you more confidence in styling yourself. ♥ x

Nicole Richie always nails dressing for her height and small frame as well as perfect tailoring.  Suits are so elegant and can be worn so many ways smart and casual. Worth investing no matter what size you are they are!


  1. In order for you’re clothes to fit right (particularly work clothes) it is worth visiting a tailor. The wrong hem, shoulder or cuff can ruin a suit and can be the making of looking well presented and put together.
  2. If you’re jeans are too long roll them up neatly and evenly or turn them up professionally. Bunched up at the calf is not a good look, find out you’re correct leg length in jeans. Brown Thomas offers a great service at The Denim Bar and several shapes, styles, price points and brands with a in-house alterations. What more could you ask for?
  3. Balance is KEY! Ask yourself are you even top and bottom? Is my torso longer or are my legs? My legs are shorter so therefore I know to opt for high waisted skirts or jeans to create the illusion my legs are longer than they are.
  4. Being small it’s a good idea to wear shoes that are pointy (weather it be flat, heeled or boot) we want to elongate you’re legs! Round is better suited to tall silhouettes. I try to wear colours close on bottom to the colours of my shoes also. Black with black shoes, with bare legs a nude is usually a good shout for creating a longer slimming effect.
  5. Lots of  retailers cater a Petite women now such as Topshop and Asos. They don’t always but it will more than likely fit you better if you are under 5ft.4. Most of them go up to size 14.
  6. Deep V necks are great on shorter women or big busted ladies as it will make the neck appear longer.
  7. A-line mini skirts and above the knee is usually best for you. If you want to wear a long skirt go for one with a slit up the leg this will also create a lengthening effect.
  8. Careful on the oversized layering it can look more granny chic …. Reference Olsen Twins!
  9. It’s nice to have a variety of bags for practical reasons, work or night out etc but over all you’re bag should be in proportion with you’re size. Scale matters!
  10. I love colour and think we should always wear the colours that are primarily on our colour chart and most comfortable in. However too much colour variation at once can create a blocky effect so be cautious.
  11. SHOES WISLEY…Ankle straps can be tricky. When opting for them be sure to go for a low ankle strap nothing too high up.
  12. Always YES, YES AND YES to Asymmetrical hemlines.
  13. Print scale is important and by all means go for prints bright bold and beautiful just make sure they are in proportion with you’re size also.
  14. All of the one colour will make you appear taller. (As seen below)
  15. Tilting the camera back slightly will make you appear taller and slimmer try to extend one leg when posing for photos …it will add an extra few false inches. 😉 I tried it above and it worked! x

  16. The Kardashians Personal Stylist Knows how to dress them for their height. Kim however sometimes looks much shorter when she wears long body con dresses teamed with boots. One of her signature styles created by Kanye.



20 Style Tips You Need To Know!

1. When you look good you feel good. Sounds obvious but it’s true.

2. Know the colors that suit you best. What colors do you feel good in? Know your season, is it Autumn, Spring, Summer or Winter?

3. Wear comfortable clothes when shopping. Always go with your hair clean and even minimal make up. If your shopping and you don’t feel good about yourself it’s going to end in a disaster.

5. We all have bad days when we don’t feel 100 percent about ourselves. We tend to cover up in black. Try incorporate another color to your outfit through a handbag bag, a brighter Lipstick, a Shoe or jacket for a pop of color.

6. Know your shape. Knowing how to dress for your shape is essential when it comes to highlights your best assets or covering your areas of concern if you have any.

7. Everyone has good parts of their body worth playing up if you think you havn’t think again. If you are unsure… always focus on your waist.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” Harry Winston

8. Create illusions. Know what tricks will make you appear slimmer. For example roll up your sleeves and trousers to expose your ankles and wrists these are one of the slimmest parts of the body and will instantly create a slimming effect.

9. Start to think cost per wear. You buy cheap you buy twice!

10. Invest in a good winter coat, a good handbag, and a good black blazer above anything else. A black blazer is a staple that is crazy flattering, seasonless and you can where it with nearly absolutely anything.

11. Not only do you need to know you’re size you need to know you’re measurements. If you online shop memorise your shoulder, hip, waist and bust measurements.

12. You don’t need to spend lots of money on designer clothes to dress well. It’s not what you wear it’s simply how you wear it. Confidence is key!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe

13. Invest in one good jumper every winter.

14. If you find an especially flattering fit buy it two or three times in different colors or prints. If it works it works.

15. You are you and you have your own personal style. Be individual and don’t follow the crowd!

‘Trends come and go style is eternal’. YSL

16. Check your clothes labels! Educate your self on what fabrics are cheap so you really understand the value of your investments.

17. Go smaller in jeans they stretch. For jeans to hold their shape they need a minimum of 2 percent Lycra.

18. Color code you wardrobe from dark to light it saves so much time you won’t believe it.

19. While shopping if you don’t love it then and there you never will!

20. Last but not least get a great LBD reliable.