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I’ve decided to post a little ‘shop what I’m wearing‘ piece. Below are some of my favourite brands such as Topshop, Zara and Sandro that I’ve bought from over the last couple of weeks and months for my wardrobe. Two golden rules that work for me personally are firstly think cost per wear and secondly how can I style this piece into my wardrobe? IE . Mix and Match! This is key! I try to make outfits before buying at random but sometimes as any self-proclaimed shopaholic knows … you just have to have it! In the long run this usually costs me more money …proof that planning you’re next purchase carefully is much more cost effective. The below are some blouses, dresses, jumpers, jeans and shoes I found took me from day to night, work or weekend. Click on the below photos to shop and enjoy! x

Topshop UniqueTopshop



Sandro  ZARASandro

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